Face shields: personal protection device

The use of a Face Shield increases your safety when there is a risk of contamination, for example with a virus such as corona. Such a splash mask protects your entire face, including your eyes, mouth and nose. It stops infectious droplets from people coughing or sneezing. The face shield also provides relief when doing jobs where small dust particles are in the air, such as sanding or sawing wood. Masker-Kopen has various affordable face shields in its range, such as Safety Glasses Transparent Moistureproof and Face Shields.

Face shields: A smart hygiene measure against corona

Are you working in an industry where it is wise to protect yourself against potential germs? A splash mask helps to prevent the further spread of infectious diseases, such as Corona COVID-19. This hygiene measure minimises the risk of contact with viruses, bacteria, germs and dirt. The face shield is reusable and consists of a transparent cap made of colourless plastic. An adjustable strap ensures that the face shield fits securely on the head. The face shield is for professions where you are close to clients. Think for example of a dentist, a general practitioner, a dental assistant, a hairdresser or a manicurist.

Prevent virus contamination with a face shield

Wearing a Face Shield is recommended if you are in the vicinity of patients who are infected with a life-threatening virus, for example a new coronavirus. In this way you prevent yourself from catching an infection in the vicinity of sick people. The face shield stops drops of infectious fluid from the mouths of patients. It can be perfectly combined with the wearing of a mouth mask and then forms an optimal protection in situations where you are at extra risk. The face shield is easy to clean and can therefore be used several times. Face shields contribute to effective prevention of contamination in many environments.

Order cheap face protection

You can buy low-priced face protection via the webshop of Masker-Kopen.nl! In our offer you will find different types of masks that protect the face from splashes. The face protection is made of transparent plastic and this guarantees good visibility. You can also order Transparent Safety Goggles if you prefer to protect only the eyes. You can order both small and large quantities. We ensure fast delivery.

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