Face Masks FFP2 KN95

With this face mask offer you save a lot of money if you are often outside, in a car, public transport, shops, work, hospital or visiting someone. The mouth masks are of 5-layer and 6-layer filters, with and without valves, safe, reliable and purify for at least 95% the air we breathe. The mouth masks are single use and ideal for public places, such as supermarkets, shops, public transport and more. .

Independable in today’s society

Mouthguards are indispensable in today’s society. From 14 October 2020, it will be compulsory to wear a mouth mask in public places, such as supermarkets and shops. In short, good mouth masks should not be missing in any household!

Mouth masks for everyone

These mouth masks are made of 5-layer or 6-layer filters of good quality non-woven material. They purify for at least 95% the air we breathe. Moreover, the face masks are very comfortable and do not irritate. The mouth masks are available as from 1 piece and are for single use. It is a one size fits all. They can therefore be used by everyone. Make sure you always have at least one in your bag!

Instructions for use:

  • Hold the mask away from your face and pull the strap with the nose part
  • .

  • Place the mask carefully over your nose and chin and press the nose part (pliable)
  • .

Please note that the mouthguards should be discarded after use. They are not suitable for washing.

For companies and large orders, please email us directly or send a WhatsApp message.

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